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Morning sessions: Woodland Rd 10, Room G4/5.

Afternoon sessions: Cotham House, Room G16.

VR session: Bristol VR Lab, Leadworks, Anchor Square, Bristol BS1 5DB.

Welcome: Introduction to the Project


Speakers: Kirsten Walsh, Tzuchien Tho

9 -- 9.15am

Round Table 1: Teaching science and metaphysics to non-science undergrads


Panellists: Karim Thebault, James Ladyman

Chair: Adrian Currie

9.15 -- 10.30am


Coffee Break


10.30 -- 11am

Round Table 2: Technologies and techniques for the history of science


Panellists: Haileigh Robertson, Neil McDonnell

Chair: Adrian Currie

11am -- 12.15pm




12.15 -- 1.30pm

Round Table 3: Teaching with alternative narratives


Panellists: Kenny Pearce, Martin Sticker, Tzuchien Tho

Chair: Adrian Currie

1.30 -- 2.45pm


Coffee Break


2.45 -- 3.15pm

Round Table 4: Engaging with historical texts


Panellists: Chris Lindsay, Kirsten Walsh

Chair: Adrian Currie

3.15 -- 4.30pm

Wrap up:  Future directions of the project


Speakers: Kirsten Walsh, Tzuchien Tho

4.30 -- 5pm


Break & Location shift


5 -- 5.30pm

Virtual Reality Demonstration


Run by: Bristol VR team and Neil McDonnell

5.30 -- 6.30pm

Event Sponsors

We are very grateful to the following sponsors of this event:

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